Fraud: Publication of products that already exist!

How it is possible that “Vlogpixer” publishes my “Aura-Dark-Icons” icons: Aura-Dark-Icons -

He has published them as original, here: Aura-Dark-Icons... - KDE Store

Is that all right?

Screenshot from 2023-09-15 06-47-24

Yes, and the user is also publicly linking to your repository as the source. These are exactly the things that cause us problems and effort. And we also take a very critical view of these clones, and we don’t want to see them here. But from the beginning.

  1. we think the copyright is clearly owned by you @l4k1. So you can decide what happens with your work.

  2. now the other side. You released it under a GPL licence. And as far as my understanding is, the licence allows what is happening. I am not an expert. Perhaps there is someone in the community who can explain this in more detail. Maybe I’m wrong.

  1. From a platform operator perspective, we have no interest in encouraging or supporting free riding. I would take a look at our terms and conditions to see if we have a paragraph about this. If not, maybe it’s time to add one. But this can take a while …

Thanks for your reply, dschinn-de

However, it’s not just about my themes:

  1. “Apple Ventura”: Apple Ventura - KDE Store (Author: zayronxio)

  2. “Whitesur Dark”: WhiteSur Dark - KDE Store (Author: vinceliuice)

  3. “Catalina Dark”: Catalina Dark - KDE Store (Author: zayronxio)

I am not an expert either, I would understand that the modification of Themes and stated the source, but to mark that these are “original” Themes, I don’t understand.

Secondly, if that would become a practice, and be allowed, then the work of all other authors would be meaningless.

What about what’s “Ethical”. Taking the “Ethical” route changes the narrative, but it seems that “Ethical” is a lost art.

This situation has gotten out of control, the fraudulent user is now copying everything, with the same github repository, same captures and even the same product, I propose that literal copies do not generate payment, maybe that discourages this unethical user

Now Freepixa is doing the same with multiple themes, it must be the same user.

@zayronXIO : Yes, we discussed something like that in the team as well. What we all didn’t like was that such a user could still fish off the downloads. But as a first step we will implement something like that.