Download range was drastically reduced

Today I have noticed a significant reduction in the number of downloads and along with it an impressive increase in the Section-Factor. Is this a change planned by the OpenDesktop team, or is it an error? If it is an error, I have probably already considered it, but I wanted to bring it up anyway.

I have discovered that the reduction of the downloads is due to an error coming from the kde store api, the updates are not reflected in the kde store

I’m not quite sure if we’re talking about the same thing. But when talking about the current month, I don’t think the current stats are unusual. As far as I know, the figures are recalculated once a day. So now in February there should be a few more downloads come along and then the section factor will decrease again.

The section factor has already been normalized, however the problem of updates in the kde store, that is, discover, persists, the updates are not reflected

That sounds strange. I’ll take a look … Maybe a problem with the cache.

Hi dschinn-de,

To simplify the matter. The problem is when any Theme is updated, users do not have the opportunity to update these themes, nor via System Settings or Discovery. Until 5-6 days ago, we had that possibility.
So, in System Settings and in Discover, there is no “Update” option.

Hence, and significantly fewer downloads.

Best regards,

Thank you for clarifying this. When it concerns the Discover application, we check our API server first.