Download counts doesn't gets updated in payout section

The number of download counts on a product page does gets increased with each download but same is not being done with the total download counts of that product in payout section, its been stuck to a certain number since last 3 days and so does the total payout amount also is freezed with that even though number of downloads on specific individual products does gets updated and increased in the product page itself…

Please fix it…

Yes one user also dm me about this issue.he told he faced this issue for windows app section.
So @justinz @maggiedong sir please look on this matter.

While we appreciate the work you’re doing, there is no need to ping us for every issue. We will respond when we can. As for any payment issues I cannot help, I have no access to the payout information or accounts.

so there’s nothing can be done, regarding this

Okk sir. Understood.

I’ll ping the developers to look into this thread ASAP.

Very much appreciated, thanks. Hope this gets resolved soon…

Problem should be fixed now please check and confirm.

yes it’s fixed now, thanks

It’s happening again I think.

yes happening again :expressionless:

Any news about this issue?

Daschinn sir know about this

Ok, sorry it took so long … I will have a look at it.

No need to say sorry sir,take time and fix it plz☺️

February month payout tab disappeared altogether from the payout page now… Just shows January 2023 tab only

Now all fixed sir,thank you very much

Now all ok check

Hey bro. Can you make kernelsu for redminote9pro indian version? And if you already have it than can you please provide me link to download?

This is something that should be asked in either:

  • A separate thread
  • A private message
  • On one of the author’s existing products.