Discussion: Kdenlive - Animated Title - Follow up Discussion


This is a follow up discussion from the comment section. (https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1435628).

Here is my version of your project.
My Kdenlive Version 20.12.1


4 Thanks! Interesting project.
But the upper text appears too early.


Thanks ongovorit for your Comment, Rating and your file.

This is a template for an animated title.
Of course you will customize the upper/lower text for your own project anyway,
so the timing must be fine-adjust.
But with this template you got everything in place to make your own animated title.

In further Kdenlive project-templates i will adjust the timing better.


Thanks for your project and answer on mine question.

I think, this project is limited by the line and time.
If you make the text longer, the line should be made longer.
If you add a second line for text, you need to increase the project time.
In my version, an option is offered that is most suitable for the parameters of your project.
When you see, which will be if you apply this project.
And you understand that there are certain restrictions on the size of the text and the number of lines, this is a more convenient customization of the project for your plans.

But that’s my personal opinion.
My approach to creating projects.
Hope you can understand me.
And my comments will not upset you.

Thank you for sharing your projects.
I think they help in mastering the program.

Hi ongovorit,

thanks for your reply, but I think the comment section is not the right place to discuss the template.
So I open a Topic in the discussion section.
Please follow me to the section.


Please explain your changes in detail. Because I can only find some changes in the upper text / Rotoscoping, and deleting the composite effect.

Of course you have to change nearly everything if you make longer upper/lower text!
If your text is longer than the red line, you have to change the length of the line.
The outcome of this is, you have to change the timing of the Effect “Wipe”.
also you have to change the Effect “Transform” and “Rotoscoping”
And maybe you have to change the hole length of the title time.

In other video software it is possible to set the length of the text proportional to the length of the line.
But not in Kdenlive, maybe in an other Version of Kdenlive.

By the way: I found an other issue in the template. This is related to the new version of Kdenlive. So I have to change the template a little bit, anyway. Maybe I can include your changes?!