Didnt get june payment

still didn’t get June payment

Unfortunately, there were no payments. And the silence of the site representatives does not make the situation better.

I haven’t got it too.

Can you please confirm you’ve received your payment now. I have seen another user say they received theirs.

Didn’t receive yet. Also there is no status completed in June payout section.


I’ll follow up with the team, thanks.

Appreciate your efforts :+1:

Hi justinz,
Me too, I didnt’ receive it.
Screenshot from 2021-07-27 09-09-11

Hello! There were no payments for June either


i also didnt have payments yet. plz please concern this matter

I got it! Many thanks, @opendesktop!

me either thank you very much @opendesktop

i also got my payment thanks @opendesktop

Your account has been excluded from receiving plings, due to various misuses.