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CSD and SSD Window Control Buttons CSS Call Names


I have Fedora 27 Workstation and have Adwaita, the default theme, set. I enabled the minimize, maximize buttons which was by default disabled / not shown, I then noticed that CSDs (GTK3) and SSDs (GTK2) have different proportions and they simply don’t consistently match up with each other. My problem is I do not know what the CSS call names are for the window control buttons for both the GTK3 and GTK2 apps hence I cannot adjust (via gtk.css).

I plan to do the modification via a ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css file, so no gresource extraction is necessary.

Also if I can add a few more. Chromium seems to compress its window control buttons when maximizing it. I’ve seen themes that prevents this, resulting in a more “consistent” UI feel in my opinion, once again, I do not know how to call the window control buttons so I don’t know how to adjust the styles. I kinda want to match the proportion of the SSDs to Chromium when maximized.

How do I do all of these?

… and one last question, where do I learn to theme GTK?

Thanks you~