Crypto Coin - Pling's new form of compasation

I cote
" Bitcoin: Your Public Wallet Address - Coming in the future"

Is it possible to share with us when you plan to start this form of compensation?

it’s very old thing. and seems they abandoned Bitcoin program!
and i think these digital currencies are better than PayPal for this kind of transactions.

Since paypal gives the option to purchase bitcoin with said funds on hand, there is no need for openDesktop to offer Bitcoin. It’s all subjective and maybe both could be offered in the future.

Hi guys, thanks for taking part on this subject.
I know that “Bitcoin program” is postponed or even ended, but I just added this subject to “Discussion” just to add some kind of answer, and it didn’t happen from the Pling team.

Having the option of digital currency (it doesn’t have to be Bitcoin) would be a “game changer” for many creators. If you notice, some creators are giving their digital address in the product description as a form of donation.

Yes, this mater is “all subjective” because is a company and, as a company, they decide what is best for them…

Buying crypto on Paypal, as far as I know, is only available in North America, and compared to other exchange services available it is much more expensive, although if you live in North America and want to buy Bitcoin on PayPal, sure, why not… You have that option.

@ xyequalstwentyseven it’s true, I agree with you. Having the option of digital currency would be great.