Creation that doesn't move up in the ranking after an update

Hello/good evening everyone,

It’s been a month since I posted my work here, I did 12 updates of my icon theme for KDE Plasma (Avalon-Icons) and I noticed that my theme was only 3-4 times on the main “browse” page of just after an update, the rest of the time to give an example, I did an update around an hour and a half ago and my theme remained on the 18th page.
In comparison, I always see a user who makes countless daily updates, he is always on the first page even though it is very often to add or edit a single icon.

So my question is, what is the right protocol for my updates to appear on the first page as it should?

I would like to point out that it is not money that motivates me to post.
thank you

Same here! Yesterday update my Küyen icon theme Kuyen - KDE Store and wont up on the page.

I put a lot of time and work updating my themes … this isnt fair

As I remember, the products can appear only once in a week.


I tried, I waited a week and my update ended up on the first page, to be sure I waited another week but this time nothing, it’s been 4 hours now since I did it my update and nothing happens.

Yes, I’m sorry. You just missed the 7-day deadline. Your update came 1 hour too early. The algorithm is cruel in this case.

Hi dschinn-de,

My update finally moved up to the first page a few minutes ago (hours after the update) but went straight to 8th place, in a few minutes I will already be on the 2nd or 3rd pages when the other user has finished his massive updates daily.

Maybe I should also make 700 clones of the same theme by changing just one color to fool the algorithm and monopolize the top ranks of the site every day lol.

You are not the only user who finds this negative. The team is already discussing rules to limit such behavior. If we intervene, this can unfortunately also have the effect of putting others at a disadvantage. We will try to speak to the relevant users, maybe that will help. Somehow they are not doing themselves any favors. We are also getting more and more requests to add personalized filters to hide certain creators from the results list.

and maybe not just talk, review that they really incorporate changes. It’s just a matter of checking the Top List of icons, with updated themes… 10 months ago… and if you check their repositories they don’t update anything other than the readme file

So they only update minimal details of the publication and leave those who do update forgotten.


I think a filter won’t really change the problem, people who come to the site for the first time or occasionally will look at the first pages and go to the sections, if they see that what is offered is the same thing, they will not see the point of coming back to the site (that’s what I did before starting to create my own theme).

Basically I agree with fabianalexis but control of creators/creations is not possible because too much work and time wasted for you and I can understand that, instead of that maybe put in place a limitation on the number of creations by creator, I don’t know.

The real problem is the remuneration of creators, this inevitably generates abuse, because for some it is a business engine (currently it monopolizes the first page and 3/4 of the second), this is clearly not sharing for the sake of sharing, but a business machine, good for him, but aside from that people don’t see other creators like fabianalexis who worked for months to upload his update.

I’m not sure that the implementation of remuneration for creators has really changed anything good for the site and especially for the users.

In short, thank you for everything, now I know that I have to wait a week for the updates to come up in the ranks

I would not have minded re-weighing it to be more per-user. Perhaps updates still make it to the top, but it is now the user and a handful of their most recent updates rather than every update they have. Ideally you could then select the user and then view all updates they have released. But if you do not, you can still see a few of the new updates each user releases.

This can still be exploited by creating multiple users and would probably require a lot of work around the store API, but I figured I might as well throw around some ideas.

Thank you very much for your views and opinions. It helps the team when suggestions come from the community. Personally, I find such a user-centered approach quite interesting. At least in the Web UI it could prevent users from completely occupying the first pages with their products.

The idea of Doncugar is really great and I think it would solve all abuse problems and visibility.
Lots of work to set up for you but definitely worth it.

Hi xkain,
I hope browse creator view meets your needs.


why this is happening?