Content SPAM

While technically “valid content”, this seems to be considered SPAM to many users:

In general, these are any products, which are simply little changed and submitted over and over again under many names. Wallpapers is some area we can easily see (and add measures for) this, but it is the KDE and other theming parts that are of growing concern.

Any thoughts and discussion welcome.

I totally agree with you
I will add the cursor/icons themes section too
when you look closely you will see a lot of breeze/breeze-cursor clone with
changing a color or two and some minor changes with new name
I mean I’m not a blind I can tell it’s BREEZE/BREEZE-CURSOR
I said the criticism part

the solution part for the repetitive product:
is as simple as eating a cupcake
they can rename their products under Global/general name
for example “Anime Girls SDDM” then any name after that
in the same product so it will be “Anime Girls SDDM Nami” and
so on

that’s what I have tell me If you agree or there is something missing

KDE wants to reduce / ban all “low effort” clones.
The question is how to do this in an easy way to feature more creative content and not endless cloning with little changes.

Do you have the power to make a surveillance, rating or criticizing team to check the quality of the products. you can even use an AI to check the flag original/Mod of product to prevent explicit cloning.
I mean instead of banning low effort products you can lead them to get themselves improved
I know it’s something difficult but it’s not impossible.

if you are talking about the anime girls sddm theme user he/she has already done what I said in my
1st comment and that’s really respected
that’s mean they don’t know how to use the platform correctly
so it will be nice to make a tour guide like these website and apps
I know I said a lot but you have the final decision
in the end I’m just trying to help nothing more nothing less

It looks like communicating helps. The resolution happened pretty quickly:

One of the things I have wanted for a while was to make groupings more accessible. The way I see it, “valid content” is correct, but having multiple product pages on the same level as truly original content is not. I agree with something like what @darkeye90 says. Maybe make product listings for a specific category? I do like aggregating all the downloads on a single page, but now descriptiveness is lost. While Papirus can somewhat get away with listing downloads as color names, what “Arizu” could look like in Anime Girls SDDM is anyone’s guess. Essentially: don’t make it punishing to reduce spam

Additionally, a lot of content could boil down to accessibility. KDE’s ability to customize is great, but it took me a few years of usage before I finally found some of the settings for them since they are almost randomly scattered. Setting the wallpaper for SDDM (to get a consistent look across SDDM, lockscreen, and desktop) is a bit inaccessible since it isn’t even in Appearance. The recent work into setting a few theme elements for SDDM was also an improvement, but far from complete. I think the community acted to fill that gap by having to produce unnecessary new things (e.g. an SDDM with a wallpaper/theme change, a splash screen with a wallpaper/gif change, etc.).

So we will probably see a drop as theme control becomes more robust.

And maybe after some coding tutorials. I like the theme documentation in the bottom right of the pages. Swapping out images feels more to me like something that users should be shown how to do rather than new product material. However, it will always be easier to just download the thing from the store than make it yourself.