Comments losing part of their message

When I posted a comment on Event Calendar - KDE Store today, I noticed the last line was trimmed.


The full message is:

Sorry, I must have missed the segfault log last time.

Knowing that it's org/kde/plasma/calendar/ that is causing the crash is a great discovery! That means it's probably the "plasma calendar api" that the default digital clock and event calendar use to show events from "kholidays", "moon phases", or personal events through "PIM". KDE "PIM" is short for Personal Information Management, which is short for KOrganizer, Kontact, etc.

Is the kdepim-addons package installed?

Do you use KOrganizer? It's okay if you don't.

Can you click "Install Debug Symbols", then link to the new segfault log? I would like to know what specific function in caused the error.

Finally, as a workaround, you can always try removing the "plasmaCalendarManager" in 2 locations and just use my "googleCalendarManager".

Just delete or comment out these lines:

I noticed a similar behavior 2 months ago when I replied to biudreun on another product. I cannot remember what text was clipped.

It happened again today, the message cutoff after the # in the #L17 anchor tag in:

In recent versions it’ll always show all days in the selected month in the agenda. It will also show the next 14 days even if they are in the next month. There is not a config option to set how many days. There is a variable in the code that could be easy to change though, haven’t tested it.


To quickly test run the following command, then relog once you get it working the way you want.
plasmawindowed org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar

I had to split the comment in 2:

Luckily I copied my message beforehand as a precaution…

@opendesktop Please update your comment section. In nested reply, it trims the message.

My full message

If you're using Arch-based distro install "bibata-cursor-theme" AUR package.
Try these commands
1 => sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/Bibata-*
2 => Download Bibata-Modern.tar.gz / Bibata-Original.tar.gz
3 => Goto the Dowload directory
4 => tar -xvf Bibata-Modern.tar.gz # extract Bibata-Modern
4 => tar -xvf Bibata-Original.tar.gz # extract Bibata-Original
5 => rm -rf ~/.icons/Bibata-* && cp -r Bibata-* ~/.icons/



Product link

Hi @Zren, @Kaiz , sorry for the inconvenience. It is fixed. please try again.


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One more thing should be improved in comment section is order of reply.
It confuse sometimes which one is recent.

Hi @Kaiz Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider it.


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