Change Email Paypal

I changed my PayPal email on February 1st, why hasn’t the payment arrived yet? I’ve tried contacting the admin contact at Gmail, because I’ve changed my PayPal email.

Status: unable to receive money

We tried to send you money, but Paypal denied this with the following message: This recipient is currently unable to receive money. Please contact Paypal.

Hello admin, I have changed my PayPal email,
please check my paypal email again, I am waiting for payment from you,

but I changed my PayPal email on February 1, it should have changed, because most payouts will be every 15th, why do I always fail? Help me

@dschinn-de @justinz can help sir

U have to update email id before switching new month.

As already mentioned in another thread: We are currently checking this. Please be patient.

You also need to explain to me exactly what you want a payout for. I’m confused. You have a project online, but this project has no files that can be downloaded. You’ll have to excuse my doubts, but I can’t imagine that the system has shown you a payout amount at any time. And precisely because this is so unlikely, the check takes a little longer. At the moment it looks like you’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

I experienced this problem, I changed my paypal email on the 1st… the question is whether the payment will go to the old or new paypal email or even forfeited

The general procedure is that at the beginning of the month (usually the 1st) a batch is run that finally calculates the payouts. The last known PayPal address is also used.
In your specific case, I can confirm that the system probably uses the changed PayPal address. In any case, it matches the PayPal address you currently have defined.