Can't post new SDDM theme

Tried twice now to post a new SDDM theme but it disappears (404’d) a minute after being published. What’s going on?

Hi phob1an,

Do you see the disappeard project from your user backend? If yes, please write it here.


I appeared on my ‘Products’ page immediately after posting but then disappeared. Twice.

Seems have trouble with the site. Unable to update products. Have to delete item and download it again.

Seems to be working this morning. For reference, the post that worked is Expose Modern -

And while the topic’s open… Had problems with the last half dozen posts. Uploading the actual file doesn’t work. The upload indicator proceeds to 100% then the page just hangs. Need to end edit then start editing again before it will accept the file and version number.

unfortunately, this happens when our file server is busy. we are working on this issue.

I had this error message, if it can help.

Thank you for report this. We will look into it.


Hi bolimage,
did the error happen when a file deleted? may I ask the project id please?


I can’t update the files, page just hangs, so I have to delete files and upload the files again.
Yes, the error message is when I delete files.

The product : Dark Aurora -

But I had the same problem yesterday with other products.