Can't install anything from on KDE "SSL hadnshake failed"

I don’t know why, but I can’t install anything from, using ocs-url or pling-store. I’m not using VPN, but all certificates seems to be invalid.

Screenshot of ocs-url error message

This is my sysinfo:

OS: Ubuntu 19.10 x86_64 
Host: Aspire E5-573G V3.72 
Kernel: 5.3.0-51-generic 
Uptime: 9 hours, 17 mins 
Packages: 3314 (dpkg), 22 (snap) 
Shell: zsh 5.7.1 
Resolution: 1920x1080 
WM: KWin 
WM Theme: Breeze 
Theme: Breeze [KDE], Yaru [GTK2/3] 
Icons: Breeze Chameleon Dark-Colorful [KDE], Bre 
Terminal: konsole 
CPU: Intel i5-5200U (4) @ 2.700GHz 
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500 
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 920M 
Memory: 14433MiB / 15927MiB

Thank you for your message. We’ll look into it.

The OpenDesktop team

Unfortunately we could not re-create the error. Are there other users with the same problem?

SSL errors can also be based on an incorrectly set time and date. Could it be because of it?