Can't download, delete or update a file (AccessDenied)

I got a comment that the file “Hind Sweet Mars” can’t be downloaded. I failed to delete it, or update it. please help.

that is OK, I’m requesting that too, Admin.

I made a mistake when I thought that I can handle this user’s annoyance. I should have reported him when he started. please, admin, check my product page, and read the comments. some comments were deleted when he deleted his previous account. but my replies will give a good idea about the matter. then we will have a talk, after solving the main topic problem. thanks, regards.

@moyash : We have removed the faulty entry in the files. You can now upload an updated version.

Yes, and I already uploaded the file again. Thanks a lot.

now, the other matter, our friend here “1nsomn1ac2” objects to making too many updates, while I made only 5 updates in 17 months. and he objects to that I replied to a user’s comment after few minutes. which make me “in his mind” the same person. I don’t Know how long should I wait before making a reply. I really did all I can to deal with him. but this need an action to be taken by the admin.

from his words it seems he is just a young boy. I don’t want to punish him, no need for that. but he must be warned to stop what he is doing, wasting my time to defend myself against his accusations and illusions.

and I need help to delete his comments from my product page.

@1nsomn1ac2: We see what you are trying to say. Yes, we are always very suspicious when a new user behaves in the same way as described here. But our internal data does not support such a conclusion. Of course, we can speculate about other ways he could have done it. But in the end this leads to nothing. If you have a problem with the user’s behaviour, I invite you to tell me about it in a private message. Then we will discuss in our team whether and how to intervene. Until then, it would certainly be nice for the community to refrain from personal attacks.

@moyash, @1nsomn1ac2 : We will also delete any comments that go beyond a factual assessment of the project. What we will not delete are factual comments, even if they may contain some harsh criticism or are very negative or are linked to a negative rating.

@moyash my previous post was hidden because it was marked as off-topic, and I’m fine with that.
doesn’t mean I’m wrong and you’re right.
mods know better. it doesn’t take a genius to know who is right and who is wrong and what you’ve done in the past.

@dschinn-de i’m fine with your judgement and thanks for your advice

that is not fair enough, admin. but, it is accepted. I hope this be enough to stop him. thanks.

stop me for what? give my factual comments? I am very well trained and have the capability for it as you can see from how I make my skins.
maybe I’ll be more diligent in dedicating it to you so that you can make better skins instead of burying other people’s skins.