Cannot update or upload products

wherever try to upload something i got this messageCaptura de pantalla de 2021-10-01 17-56-50

i get this when i try to update a product

confirm this, i’m have error: 500 Internal Server Error

yes from yesterday getting error: 500 Internal Server Error

Me too, can not upload or delete anything!

Same here, getting 500 error.

Same here for last two days. I need to remove an old file that does not exist anymore urgently; so I don’t let anyone down. Also need to uplaod an URL. Can the ones who “control” us give an answer now; now as in jetzt.

Getting this everytime.

We’re looking into this now, thank you for all of the notices.

We have investigated and identified the issue and it now appears resolved. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We will be investigating further into how the issue occurred to prevent it reoccurring in the future.

Well, I update my themes. There are allways errors.

Thank you very much Team. All good now. Even though it shows an error message it still does the right thing. I suppose error message: 0 means no errors. If I post a pfd file it’ll show it at 1st place in the gallery which doesn’t look glamorous at all. Is there a way to not show pdfs? I compressed it and then the 1st place in the gallery was jusy empty. So I had to remove the pdf again.

Thanks @bolimage & @fenario I’ve passed this along to our development team to look into.

Вероятно Вам необходимо ещё раз пройти авторизацию нажав войти и повторно ввести свой логин и пароль есть у сайта такая особенность я сталкивался .
You probably need to log in again by clicking log in and re-enter your username and password. The site has such a feature I have encountered .