Cannot find any way to leave a comment on product page

I recently downloaded the icon set from Besgnulinux Monochrome Icon Theme - and found a misnamed icon that would not display. I have found the fix and repaired the set on my own system, and I wanted to post here to alert the author of his misnamed icon.

There is a list of 6 or 7 comments on the icon page, but nowhere on the page is any option whatsoever for making my own post. I made sure to be logged on, but there is no “comment” button and no blank field for text. How on earth is anyone supposed to make a post at this site? This should be the most obvious option on the page and it just doesn’t exist. I have taken both Chromium and Firefox browsers here and I have no posting options on either browser. Just what am I supposed to do please?

Are you logged in on the GNOME Look site? In the top of the page there’s what we call the metaheader, and it controls how you are logged in. Make sure you’re logged in (top right) when on gnome-look, and then you should be able to comment.

New users are also prevented from adding comments immediately to products, as it is often used to spam or harass other users quickly by creating new accounts.