Can I delete my own comments?


Some of my own comments may contain misspelling, erroneous or outdated information. But the only options I see are “reply” and “report”.

Should I report my own comment to have it deleted?


Hi Cipricus,

I can delete your comments. Which one exactly?



Thank you, but I am also interested in this as a matter of principle. It is a bit embarrassing, a misspell is always possible, which once sent I cannot correct. I have already made a few edits after posting this here, but I cannot do that there. I find this odd.

As for what more specifically made me ask here, it is not too important, and I don’t know if I can get a link to a specific comment so that I can indicate it to you exactly. It is one before last under here (the phrase “the same color as the main one in the GTK theme” is misleading). And what I would like would be to edit it, although I can write a different one after it is deleted.

Thanks again.


I am not sure where the problem is. When I write a comment as a normal user, I see below my comment buttons with which I can edit or delete my comment.