Calendar Sync

Hi every one.

Honestly I have not ia clue of whether this the right place or not to post this, and if it not I apologize in advance to everyone.

I have finally decided to use my.opendesktop apps and especially the calendar but, while setting it up to sync with Thunderbird was quite easy… I have been trying like a madman to get it synchronized with my mobile phone… To no avail. Been following the tutos and all that… Been using DavX 5, Nexcloud app, and other apps… But nothing works…

I am running Debian 11 with the Gnome desktop and my phone is Sony XZ1 compact…

If anyone has an idea…

Thanks to you all and God bless.

I also have this issue. In KOrganizer I had to manually set the URL to in order to get things going. But in DAVx⁵ nothing will work. Even using the Android Nextcloud Client to sign in (works) and then using the Settings entry to automatically import the settings into DAVx⁵ doesn’t work.

Hmm I wonder why this stops working after every Nextcloud upgrade. I’ll look into this again, thanks for letting us know.

I’ll send you the log file from DAVx⁵ over the Nextcloud instance, for potential privacy reasons.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

The workaround in this thread worked for me: Sync cal+contacts mobile - #17 by enygmator

Which is to say, use[username] as the manual URL while configuring with username/password combo. Don’t use the auto-add feature from the Nextcloud app.

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