[BUG] Malformed URLs on mobile

I thought this would be encountered eventually but it still persists. On mobile the user menu generates malformed URLs in the following form:

Hi marianarlt,

where exactly does it form that? Can you post a screenshot of the link?

Sorry I should have included more details, my fault:

  • Hardware specs:
    iPhone 5c
    iOS 10.3.3
    Safari 10.0 Mobile

In the second header (grey one) on mobile there´s a triple point menu icon to access the current logged in user. The following anchors are generated badly:

“Product” points to:
I feel like somebody is fiddling with this as now I get:

“Plings” has the same issue with the same pattern:

“Add Product” and "Settings seem to be fine.

Thanks for your help and sorry for the inconvenience. It should be fixed now, so please try again.

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