[BUG] File extension is changed when downloading?

I publish a product on store.kde.org and I need to host a file with a .zst extension.
The file appears to upload fine and shows a .zst extension, but when downloaded the file ends up with .zst replace with .tar.

The file is intact but the extension has to be changed manually in order for it to function.

Is this the right place to report this bug?


Yes, this is the correct place, what type of product is it that it needs a zst extension?


The product is an extension for Dolphin file manager. I distribute it as a .deb, but a contributor has repackaged it for Arch. It has an extension .tar.zst.

The repackage is produced by a tool called ‘debtap.’

The problem at the moment is our Object Storage. It transfers the file with Content-Type application/tar because of the file name. Manually I can correct it, but that can’t be the solution.
If I remove “.tar” from the file name then the file is transferred as “application/octet-stream” and the file extension is not changed. Is it possible to omit “.tar” from the filename as a workaround?

Hi and thanks for the response. I’ve found a way round involving fiddling with extensions that allows it to work, so from a personal perspective the problem is solved for my use case.

All the best