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I signed up to open desk specifically to ask a question about conky’s great AutomatiK interface. While I see other users have left comments there is no option anywhere to add a new one or even to interact with others who have already commented.

Am I missing something?

You are a new user, so the following applies to you:
New Users - - Libre Publishing - Community Boards (
I know this is kind of annoying as it really restricts possible feedback to frequent users.

This may be something we can revisit soon.

Thanks a ton.

If that’s an admin behind you then you need only add a few words to that page indicating this information. Bots won’t notice or even care.

Thanks. I hope I can contribute to this community in the future.

How been you make admin behind add a few words please?

Can you please rephrase your question? I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask.

They’re piggybacking off the user’s statement above them. It appears as though the question is from a brand new user, who is looking to have an administrator award a password to unlock features that will soon, automatically be available to them. That’s got to be it; and they just need someone who can convey that the wait time is whatever it is. :hourglass:

It was already answered, the wait times are posted in the stickied post New Users

True enough mate, maybe he’ll figure it out or answer you back, cheers!.

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