Authorization failure when trying to edit my product

Hi everyone.

I have created a new product and published that yesterday on my laptop. When I try to edit that product from a different device, e.g. my home desktop computer, I get the error like from this ticket: No authorisation showing for my product “You have no authorisation for this page”. I am fully logged in. When I do that bak on my laptop it works, no authorisation failure.
It is this product:

Kind Regards

I actually can edit my other products from both devices.

Oh and there was an error when I initially saved it, but that went away and the product appeared to have been saved correctly anyways. I can’t reproduce the actual error message any more.

Hi, it is really strange. You do own product 1398673. Could you try again?

Yes, I do own 1398673 and I seem to be fully logged in. I just tried again from my desktop, still error " You have no authorisation for this page.".
Tried from my Laptop, successful.
Editing another product like this one successful on both devices.

OK, the issue is solved for me by logging out and in again. What I did:

  • Renamed both _ocs cookies.
  • Reload the product page and noticed that I was logged out.
  • Click on Login, fill the login for and got the error attached.
  • The login was successful, however. Back on the product page, I was able to edit it now.

Hi jlue, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please try to clear all cookies from and login again from desktop.