An Idea To Solve the low payout

My idea is to make a choice for users to make a design(or bundle) that you ( sell it as NFT then the income will be shared between you( and us (users)

I know you will say you can do it yourself why bother sharing will others
you’re right the point here is raise the payout and NFT is not available
in some countries. Also your coming so Bitcoin will come true

it just an idea I’m not sure if it possible or not
tell me your opinion here

How would that work exactly?
Can you give a concrete example of a product and what you expect to happen?

for example
while I’m making a product for myself 1st then for the community
I can make something related to what I’ve made (character, mascot, etc)
it’s not that difficult

what’s going to happen you said
in my mind we (users) will upload these products or bundles then you ( will deal with the transactions and listing in any NFT website that doesn’t cost money to list product(NFTS)
then when there is an income you( will share that with us (users) with pre agreed profit rate
you will cover the cost of your work with your profit share
actually I tried opensea but you must purchase gas(their currency) to list your product and that’s no okay at all
but I don’t know about other services
in general digital currency is not supported in my county that’s why we (users (without digital currency support ) + will get something we want and that thing is dealing with digital currency

that’s why I’m telling you about your opinion
to make sure that is my idea is realistic or
just my imaginations eventhough it’s not impossible
if we(community) put our hands together we can accomplished what we desire and more

sorry I’ve written a lot
share what you think with me
we can cover each other
win win relationship

Just a thought…
Before all that, why not give due value to users/creators of ORIGINAL content, and with that bet on an original content project, increasing both the value of commissions and the credibility of the project itself.

…Remember, this is a COMPANY, not a community project! As such, all that can be commented on here is just that… A comment!