Actual Payout not Matching Downloads


Seems to be something up with my distros & screenshots not being registered correctly.

I did notice yesterday when I uploaded a new ISO it would not let me edit it again until i logged out and back in again, if that helps debugging :wink:


Could this be possible?

Hi antechdesigns,

do you mean the field “Actual Payout” or the number of downloads?

the OpenDesktop Team


Hi rvs75,

well the first one archdeepin has 11 downloads but only shows $0.01 Actual Payout
and the others do not match either.

Thanks for the reply :wink:


Hi antechdesigns,

Payout = Number of Downloads * Pling-Factor * 1 $-cent

Thanks for your post.
Opendesktop Team


I know that’s why I reported it!?
So your saying you’ve changed the pling factor of distros & screenshots?


Hi ,

“Based on the actual amount of content and downloads, we may adjust these values at any time.”

For more compensation question please go here :

Opendesktop Team


Thanks for letting everybody know before they uploaded them. I will remove them, not worth the effort.

Thanks :wink:



Im sorry to disappoint you. Pling-factor is shown in your screenshot 2nd column after “downloads”. It is displayed for everyone. not hidden.

Thanks for your understanding.

Opendesktop Team


I thought it was broken like the rating system, thanks for letting me know :wink:


Small note:
The pling-factor for Distros was ALWAYS 0.1 from the beginning, we never changed that afterwards.


no problem, I have removed them anyway & screenshots :slight_smile:

Thanks again


I am also having this issue, my total number of products are three but in payout section i could only see two of them. Also the downloads doesn’t match, in my products i see a much higher number while in payout i see a smaller number.