Abusive/Hate comments spams


Well suddenly a single person has started spamming my pling page

with a lot of offensive and hateful words because he got banned from the support chat for being just as abusive, i would like to have those comments removed and those accounts banned or something. Since most of the parts of the world are going through a phase of lockdown because of the virus these people dont really have anything productive to do in their lives, please deal with them appropriately.
I hope @opendesktop does something about it asap


@rvs75 a little help here please.


we took a look at it and deleted one or two comments that we feel violate the general netiqette.

One more word on our own behalf. Criticism is not always easy to endure and sometimes it is presented harshly and sometimes it is hurtful because the frustration among users is simply very great. We know what we’re talking about, because we face criticism from our users every day - and that is a good thing. We don’t want to miss it.
Even if we do not always manage to answer all messages immediately or to fix the problems promptly. So, that is one way (of others) to eliminate problems and constantly improve the application.
Users cannot always see how much work a developer has had up to this point or how much effort has to be taken to keep something running. That is not their job and we/you have to accept that.

For this reason, we wish for all of our users on this platform to treat each other fairly. For all developers and makers on this platform, constructive criticism of their products is important as praise is. And for all users of their products it is important that their problems are heard.

Best regards,
opendesktop team