Abuse of source code and other people's work

I have repeatedly pointed out about copyright infringement and the use of someone else’s work.
Why do site administrators ignore this and allow this?
How can you continue developing when your work is being brazenly stolen?
Take a look at our most popular project:

It has more than 5800 commits and 2500 closed and executed requests.
And now look at his clones

and etc.

This author doesn’t even have a repository. He takes someone else’s work and distributes it on the site.
An honest developer knows what an icon theme is and how it works and could use Inherits=papirus with their folders and options.
But no, he puts all our work into the icon theme, thousands of hours of development, and he’s too lazy to use Inherits.
Why do I have to keep track of clones of my products all the time?
Why aren’t administrators monitoring this?

The most important thing is that he abuses our source code contained in his CORE archive… And symbolic links lead to this directory.
I.e. it is not difficult for him to create thousands of symbolic links, but it is hard to write Inherits=papirus

And he didn’t create any icons, all the icons from his theme are our work

moderators any news for this?

Hi x-varlesh-x,

Thanks for reporting this. We received your reports and are working on them.


Good Luck @x-varlesh-x

Hopefully you get the download count and he gets removed from the platform, its happening all over the place.

@antechdesigns Thx for your support.

I hope this will be solved and not seen reason create 17!!! clones with different folders colors (OUR FOLDERS COLORS)… Also we have papirus-folders script for that and also available GUI version:

Dear Mr. Varlesh and Teams,

First, pardon me about copyright infringement of Papirus Icon theme.
There is no intention of mine to abuse you and team.
It’s my lack of knowledge for using GPL license. I thought its all free to edit, modify or upload the material.

I like your and team work, and use it as daily. Again, pardon me because it makes you and team uncomfortable, i will delete all papirus icon theme that have uploaded.
Thank you for your and team great Papirus icon.


@x-varlesh-x is there a Pling page on here where the different colors would be available for download? I think installing and compiling software can be a bit challenging for users that just want a quality icon pack.

Not needed compile source code. Only 4 steps for easy way:

  • Install Papirus
  • Download papirus-folders script
wget -qO- https://git.io/papirus-folders-install | sh
  • Download GUI for papirus-folders (if needed) and available as binary too
  • Run papirus-foders GUI and choose your color

@x-varlesh-x The point I’m trying to make is that it is convenient for users to have the colors available here on the store.

I can understand being hesitant, as its quite tedious to have several colors on the downloads page and Pling/KDE’s dialog doesn’t have a way to organize options into categories like color. Unfortunately, Papirus’ page in the icon themes GUI clips the description without mentioning how Papirus changes colors. Hendra’s clearly states what color it is and also has a picture.

But for a new user, it is nice to read through a list of colors and choose one. In comparison, visiting a GitHub repo (also assuming that the user knows what GitHub is and knows the repo exists) and reading through a wall of text when the color could have been chosen in that one click seems a bit more difficult.

I have already shown you an easy way to change the color of folders.
Please read my first post, this is not about usability, but about the abuse of someone else’s source code and someone else’s work.
There is a special INHERITS option in the freedesktop standard that was ignored.
If you only want to create folders, then create them, but inherit our theme.
Also, changing the name of the folder color can disrupt the work of programs such as Folder Color, Dolphin Folder Color and Papirus Folders. Many users use them, and find it convenient.

If you feel it is unnecessary, it is your choice and I won’t stop you. But do you at least agree that having the download on the store page and choosing from those options is easier than finding the repo, running a script, and configuring from options?

Removing what Hendra uploaded means removing functionality that many other icon themes provide. Papirus was lacking it. What Hendra did was excessive. The WhiteSur icon theme is an example of having colors readily available.

Thank you for explaining how new contributors can do this a better way.

We do not see this as an abuse, providing the icons in colors when no one else does with installing as one click and nothing else needed is a value in itself.
Open Source is all about that, even if the value is absolute tiny compared to everything else.
For the record, it seems Hendra removed the sets him/herself voluntarily, so we did not enforce this.

Having such a wanted and loved iconset, maybe it would be good to upload it again in a one-click form here by whomever.

One other option might be to encourage KDE to allow easy changing of icon colors for certain accent color, similar of what was added for the colorscheme accent color, or even write the icons in such a standardized way that it picks up the accent color? Just an idea.

To avoid confusion and problems, I will try to explain everything.
First, Hendra could create a variation of the folder colors of our theme.
Secondly, he missed the most important thing, instead of inheriting icons on our theme, he uploaded all our work and thousands of hours of development to his CORE archive.
Third, our team has not received any requests from Hendra or anyone else regarding the distribution of the Papirus icon theme with different folder colors.
And last but not least, his releases include all of our work, all of our commits, but not his!
I think you will draw your own conclusions…