2 Reports pending on the producta

i updated this project yestersay.

normally if i got reported during/after uploading than it removed next day.

But yesterday i got this on the project and still on not remove.

Are you talking about it being reported automatically by the system? If so it appears to have already been removed.

And I assumed your all products related to Phone Section then why do you put your all product in system os section…?

its basically related to system tools,
and not os and rom, flashable zip,modified system paths,kernel,cpu,etc. and other stuffs and one theme

btw still having 2 reports pending
and prevously when i changed desription than i was got reported by system,but last few days i got automatic system report afyer updating projects,and report hold for 3-4 days untill i message admins,
please sir try to fix this issue

also sorry for delay reply
[i removed last 2 messages cz i wrote all here this message]

Those flashable zip phone related or not…? Or computer system related …?

yes those are flashable zip for android devices.
but its bind with system

technically you also can use it on pc,samsung dex, or something else which have visualization enable support .

If it can usable on PC then ok

and what about the reports that i always got after add files.and changes description .


the report still pending on gs unlocjer and noble phantasm .

now its nor getting automatic removed after 24 hours/ reset time.

Please link to the products you are having issues with.

this 2

@moderatordesk sir users getting AAway from my projects after seeing report.:cry:

Justinz will take care of this

but when? :frowning:

Fixed, I have approved the two products in question and advised the @revwhiteshadow by PM how to avoid reports in the future.

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