Why it's so hard to join this place?

I wanted to join pling a few days ago so I tried to make an account here. My default email that I use everywhere without problems was not accepted. It is a proton email. I made another one, a tutanota one, and again it was not accepted! Finally what was accepted and validated was a random temp mail. It was accepted and validated and I could log in but I could not comment and rate according to the restriction you had put as I read on the forum. So I left it for some days and tried to log in today and I got this message:

" Your mail address is not validated.
Please check your mail account or click the button below to request a new validation mail."

I cannot check my mail. As I said it was a random temporary mail. My original first account is womaninuniform. I don’t plan to do myself anything more. I’ve already done enough I believe. I gave you two emails and waited ten days. It’s already too much. Can you please fix this?

Similar experience but with some differences. I prefered to use a disposable mail directly from the beginning, I didn’t give my real mail for security reasons which are obvious after a little research. Even the site itself speaks of this and the security topic is on top of the news at the right side of the page. This means themselves they still worry. Anyway I validated and I was active for one day after the ten days passed and I could comment but two days ago I couldn’t login getting the same message with you. My account was pennydreadfoul.

Almost identical experience. I tried to join with my tutanota mail which I use years now and it’s totally legit. It was not accepted and I used a temp mail.
Maybe it’s better this way because from what I see the platform is broken and with many security problems. My account is deshamer.

From our point of view as platform operators, it makes no sense for our users to enter email addresses under which they can no longer be reached later. In contrast to other large platforms, we still request only a minimal set of information from our users as mandatory information. Therefore, we cannot understand concerns about privacy. If you know of any security issues or bugs, please feel free to send them to us.
Unfortunately, the providers listed here have recently been used heavily to create spam accounts, so we have blocked them from registering for the time being. We apologise to all regular users for any inconvenience this may cause.

Same story here but I want to add that it was extremely difficult for me to find a temp mail that works. What kind of freedom is this when all free email providers are blocked? The next step is to ask for our phones and id papers like facebook.
They have a hand that causes pain and the cure is to cut the hand? Nice.

If you guys really want to use pling then use genuine email like Gmail,Yahoo,hotmail. Etc.

In simple word Temporary emails are not allowed from now.this is for stopping spams.

You are so fast to confirm me here. It’s like hearing “Use a real os like windows or mac!”
Actually it’s worse since we are on a free linux site. And you bypass that except the temp mails they are also blocked proton and tutanota which are free and legit everywhere else.
You want to cut your hand instead of curing it? Ok, do it. Sooner or later you will also have to cut your leg also and block yahoo or some other provider.
Anyway, I don’t care. Good luck.

we are not obliged to give you any answer,if our admins thinks temporary email need to block then it’s necessary.if you want to use pling then you can use by genuine email otherwise you can leave.