What is this out of control new thing?

This making no sense all cursor pages are now the same cursor, please fix!
Thank you!

This one is put every page their cursor.


you bring up a valid point. This sort of anomaly is something I have seen, infrequently, over the years; but it has certainly been getting worse these days. Moreover I have never seen the audacity in the cursor scenario you bring up here; it seems this product provider is going overboard to act out or something, with those 12 pages in a row of their product. Nevertheless, other desktop and icon themers do a lesser version of putting up three or four themes at once, and around a dozen or more per day. That is a demoralizing practice for those of us who do our craft with the Linux ethos in mind; our work goes noticed, into oblivion.

If anyone with decision making authority bothers to consider your observation, I feel they should limit product producers to three product updates/adds per day, with perhaps a three or four hour wait-time between product updates or adds. We no longer exist in an epoch where ethics or doing the right thing is automatic, and I feel we all would benefit if the administrators do what I suggest; it would force a needed level of fairness for the themers who get bumped off the main page too quickly, while forwarding a much better user experience (variety) to our customers on Pling. I am assuming you are a user and not a themer

Thanks for bringing up this persisting problem; I really hope the changes I suggest are considered!

This person has uploaded 112 cursor themes? Appears to be the work of a lifetime.
On a more serious note, I am afraid that this sort of calculated (mis)behaviour could take over other sections too, if it is not punished. But each review takes time, and resources are usually limited.
Regarding morals, the fact that we have an “original” section for wallpapers on the main page is quite telling.

You are correct @sergiossassi, something is odd and familiar here at same time… a true pattern of a few months back with out of control comments. I think a logical action could be what @rjungman is propose for optimizing a user and/or product maker experience. Hope all is good at the pling store!

Thanks for reporting.

We will handle it.


Thank to you for help making the cursors correctly @maggiedong, @unknown-spirit and the other help (they just let me say two mentions on this) Have a nice week!

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