What does my "S5" badge mean? And what about the "affiliates" section?

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good day.

I have two (easy) general questions for you:

  • What does the badge “S5” near my avatar in my main page (https://www.pling.com/u/mrcuve0/) means?
    I noticed other users have different numbers after the “S” but I just can’t get what does it means.

  • Could you explain what the section “Affiliates” indicates (can also be found in the payout page)?

Finally, as a final question/suggestion: is it possible that I missed some announcements about these new features? Where can I find them?
Just in case no announcements have been made, why not making ones when such new features are pushed into production (even a tweet could be enough)?

Thank you in advance!

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The digit after the S indicates how many plings you have received.

Hi mrcuve0,

  • “S” indicates “Supporter”, the number after “S” indicates how many Pling Sections you support.
  • “Affiliates” : If a supporter donate through your product page, you will get a fix percent of his donation monthly.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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Thank you maggiedong, everything is clear now!