The settings menu does not work in the profile

The configuration menu does not work in the profile. I can’t change the settings.

The error should have been fixed. Please just try again.

Thanks for the answer! Everything is working!

Works ok now for me too, thanks!

I am getting this error currently.

same error

The urls in the buttons are wrong. They are using opendesktop. org/settings instead of pling. com/settings. If you put pling, com/settings in the url bar, it works. As does pling. com/settings/profile for editing your profile.

(had to put spaces in the urls because this forum has a limit on the amount of urls you can put in a post)

Hi, Can you please describe in detail how and when you get error ?


These buttons on the settings page are set to instead of


The settings and profile buttons in the top right menu the same. I would post a screenshot of that but your posting restrictions are stupid and apparently this is my last post in this thread, so I hope this helps.