Refunded plings payment

I recently refunded my plings payment due to some troubles I had with paypal, can i get the payment sent back to the account?

Hi daemon,

we have transferred your money again. Is everything alright this time?

all good, thank you!

Hello sir,im having same problem now🙂

Sir i still not received my money,it’s showing paypal api error.when i recive my payout?
I’m new in this field.if you want i can give you alternative paypal I’d.
Please response.

@opendesktop & admins please response, o got paid my money but than its been refund by pling, now I changed my paypal account, now can i get the payment sent back to the new paypal account?.

#admins please response,
Tomorrow i got payment in my paypal,but in a min received payment was refund by pling GmbH.Om my pling payout aection its showing payment has done,
Than i changed my paypal account for payment,now can i get my money back again on my new paypal?:cry:

Admins pleaseeeeeeeeee response. :slightly_smiling_face:
Just inform me that refunds will send me again or not!