Problem with newly published Themes


Hi opendesktop,

It’s been two hours since I released my products called “Imagination” (Plasma Theme, Global Theme, Kvantum Theme …etcetera.), but none of the Themes are visible yet.
Is it a matter of procedure, or is it a problem?


Thanks for reporting.

We look into it.


Thank you so much for the quick response!


Hi l4k1,

I have just checked your Imagination product. it is unfortunately reported.

Please give some patience, our moderators will validate the product soon.


Ok, I understand.
I’ll be patient


Same problem again!
Today I updated the Plasma Theme “Imagination”, as well as the Global Theme “Imagination-Global”, but they are invisible again.
I don’t understand why this only happens with this Theme?


I would ask the Moderators to solve this problem, if possible.


Both products are visible and are in 3rd place in the respective category.



Thank You very much, rvs75!


Is the same happening to me as you solved it?


Hello, thanks for the information. It is currently displayed in the Utilities category at the 3 position and can be found in the search. However, we will observe whether there are major delays until a new product is visible in the overview or can be found in the search.

Best regards,
opendesktop team