Payout Issue (solved)

My payouts don’t receive my paypal account.But you say my payouts successfully completed.

Extremely sorry It’s my mistake.I saw it’s my april payouts.So sorry for me.

I have another questions.How I find my wallpapers are duplicate or no? Is website in your platform?Please reply me.

How high are the chances to upload the same wallpapers over and over?
If its 1 wallpaper its okay, if its multiple wallpapers the same, you are either cheating, using multiple accounts or just uploading from someone else again and again.
There are so many easy ways to spot this, so its just common sense if we see so many wallpapers the same that we will exclude or delete any account continuing to do this after a warning.

I have wallpaper uploading problem.The wallpaper category is missing.

For the category, please see another topic, it’s already solved.