Payout $00

Please Admins Response about it!:slightly_smiling_face:
I want to report about something,
Is aprils payout Process started? Anyone received payment of april?
I saw 227$ Few Hours ago but now its 00.:slightly_smiling_face: its very disappointing to original containt creatora​:slightly_smiling_face:
Hope admins will fix it soon

@opendesktop please response about this issue,
I ask some of my friends who have account on pling and create original products, they also having same issue (0$)
Its very disappointing and demotivation for all of us to face that type of things wirhout any notice.
creators expectations goes high when they saw their payouts.but when they saw $0 on their work its really very disappointing.
Hope you or other admin will clear this things to us with a notice or restore our deserving money.

Thanks In Advance.

Same thing happened here too. I am really worried about this now. Firstly that An Error occurred. Please check your URL or try again later. issues from a week and now this

Now What should you do?:slightly_smiling_face:
I have’nt move a from my desk bit when i saw 0$ issue.

I also having this problem,i saw mostly everyone having this issue, idk why it happening, we have right to know everything clearly or may every priginal products creators dont have anything here.

i am facing the same issue too now, first the download url thing (though its fixed now) and now the payout is $0

@opendesktop are you going to skip April payment?
At least do a clarify sir we are waiting for your response.

Hi, we are working on the issues.


Thank you sir

The thing is,
First of all in end of april 2022 i received 34$+.
Than maybe in 11th of may it increased 227$+
Than It showed 0$.
Now Its showing 32$.

My point is why pling team make everyones payments high and now why lower than their original value.??

Exactly same happened with me too :frowning: it was around 42-44$ then it went upto 181$ due to glitch most probably and now its even low to 36$. :frowning:

And my point is if you guys got glitch or issues just restore it back to its original amount. Why deducting it more for no reason. This isnt a fair thing

Please look into this new issue too @maggiedong @justinz @opendesktop

The same happened with me too, they deducted half of my money which isn’t fair!:frowning: :frowning:

i request @maggiedong @justinz @opendesktop please look into this

Same here now😂
Idk whats going on here!
first 34 than 227 now 32.

I thought my 5 products became plings top rated rhats why they giving me bonus money.
Now its done😂.

give proper value and satisfied original product creators please🙂.
Cause everyone have some expectations when they saw 100% of receivable money!
Its really very disappointing man!:slightly_smiling_face:
And also getting late payout of april🙂
Please you admins will fix this issue and satisfied all original products creators and fast pay,hope we’ll get our payment till tomorrow :heartpulse:
@maggiedong @justinz @opendesktop

Top rated because of your users voting. This doesn’t justify that you’re eligible for higher section factor than others, which is ultimately the game changer, when it comes to your payout.

Due to the glitch the section factor was being calculated as 1 (which is the max value), now that they fixed it, it’s taking the right value. The section factor value rarely goes above 0.5

And remember there’re a lot of creators on this platform and they all have to get paid fair and square, that’s why there’s a section factor and so the payout drop is pretty understandable.

If you want you can read more about the section/pling factor here

@revwhiteshadow @uglykid24 @cody47

Hi, We had issues with section factor. now the value is restored.


I can understand you, but …

I don’t know if you’ve read, but if you didn’t, read, but carefully.


This does not apply to you Maggi


Bro! Dont take it personally. I said i though thats why payment increased nothing else sir!:heartpulse:

I read it! And thanks For everyones opinion!
And payment status being process!
Thanks to all for clarified everything :heartpulse:

Why i need to take it personally.