Page is not responding

When going down on a site 1st page is loading when moving to other one loading icon appeared and showing load again and again but not responding

Please provide a link to the page you were on when this occurred, thank you.

on this page it happened. when i’m going to download…

Hi ravenclo,

It is fixed. please try again.


Thank you.

Cannot acces to the product. (see picture).

i Also Have the Same problem

I’m also with this same problem, I thought it could be the internet service provider, cache or something like that, but my cell phone loads the pages smoothly, besides Firefox is managing to load the pages on the notebook, only the application and Google Chrome that do not load pages correctly
(edited) Chrome is now loading pages

[Português Brasileiro] Também estou com esse mesmo problema, eu achei que poderia ser a operadora de internet, cache ou algo parecido, mas meu celular carrega as paginas tranquilamente, alem disso o Firefox esta conseguindo carregando as paginas no notebook, somente o aplicativo e o Google Chrome que não carregam as paginas corretamente
(editado) O chrome agora esta carregando as paginas

Had this problem recently and it went away, but now it’s back again.

Edit: the problem arise when I’m browsing with my iPad (Safari), but not with Firefox on my Linux desktop.

Are you all having the issue with that particular product or various products?

I just tested with Prof-Gnome-theme - on Firefox, Chromium and Falkon and all loaded OK.

i think all products

I only have it on my iPad (and only Safari).
Works okay with Firefox and Edge.

Thank you for letting us know. I’ve taken this download server out of the pool, the other servers are working correctly.

Hello, the problem happen again now, it happen whatever the download server and whatever the method.

For Main : KO (No Answers / Empty Response)
For Mirror : KO (Timeout / 404)
For OCS : KO (Timeout)

It happen on every product and randomly (rare product using direct URL method works)

Thanks I’ll check the logs and see what’s happening.