November payout

Is there a technical issue beacuse my november payout is not completed. Thank you very much

Hi distad96,
There is no technical issue and we only pay out money if the total sum is over $1.

Thank you.

I didn’t get compensation for Nov too but my amount is much over 1, and thing that last 3 or 4 months were such that it was coming quite late and I had to ask what was happening while it fit 2 week’s time previously, and in October it was strange because the October’s amount changed after, in November, I saw how much it was just after October and I noticed decrease in Nov. I know it says it’s estimate for section factor and it depends on the avail donations but I don’t understand why it drops a lot at the end of month when you see different value during the month and the change in next month? that doesn’t feel fine.


Same here, didn’t receive november payout.
Merry Christmas for all!

Screenshot from 2021-12-20 19-26-57

@maggiedong same here, usually it comes at about15th or 16th but nothing yet :thinking:
2021-12-21 06_19_10-Window

@maggiedong, I’m going to include screenshot like others:

Let’s look for that to be taken care of, Happy Christmas Eve everybody…

i also didnt get payment yet

Apparently this is common. At work, I also have delays in payments

The money has been paid, its just not showing on your pling account until you accept it from paypal.

…at least for me.


I get an e-mail from paypal, I look to that, than some tab.

I got it lastly, thank you, however summary for December went down a lot, I’ve no clue of what could be causin’ this.