Kde themes pageviews and downloads

On kde themes something is weird. On most products downloads are much higher than pageviews. In some cases with a ratio 10/1! 500 downloads and 50 pageviews!

the downloads made from the kde plasma configuration center do not appear in views, but the download is generated

@zayronXIO Bro, those are fake accounts trying to keep bothering, don’t waste your time on explaining it to them

This must be fixed. It’s a black hole no one can see inside so who knows what’s really is going on.

I saw something weird, I came here to report-ask and this makes me fake account??? And if I’m fake who is behind me? What do you mean fake?

Thanks for reporting. We will verify that.

If you find any other suspicious downloads then do report here.or dm me.

Everything is genuine

On kde themes something is weird. On most products downloads are much higher than pageviews. In some cases with a ratio 10/1! 500 downloads and 50 pageviews!

We decided at that time not to count or display the views from the Plasma Configuration Center. Probably it is feasible to show these generated views if it serves the transparency and if the community wants we can include it in a sprint.

I’ll just leave that as it is without comment. Everyone should form his/her own opinion on this. I also don’t understand what the intention is to make claims and not back them up with evidence later. For example, I think you were asked at some points which user account it was that we deleted by mistake … if my information is correct … we still don’t have an answer. At the end it doesn’t seem to be important enough for you.

In any case, I would like to apologise once again: if we have done you an injustice, then we would like to apologise for it. We also make mistakes … unfortunately.

Hey man, it’s not me against you, I don’t have any problem with you, you claim I damaged you in the past, just tell me whe did I reported you before, I’ve never reported a low rating on my themes before until you started been so obvious with your hate attacks, your problem is just because some of my themes are high rated, but mines aren’t even the highest rated in the platform! did you notice that? of course no because that’s not your real problem with me. I’ve never even rate any product to avoid situations like this,

Is it honest and clean for you to try to destroy someone else’s themes in order to make your own stuff grow in the platform? just as you say, asumming the other accounts that attacked my themes are your friends, Is it honest and clean to you to convince your friends to attack someone else’s stuff and and support you in order to grow up in the platform?

That’s not a coincidence and you know it man, it’s obvious

Come on man, the only one trying to justify his acts are you. If your main goal was to recover your banned account, why are you attacking my stuff with this account instead of contacting the moderators or opening a topic for them to review? even in this topic your main goal was to try to affect me by reporting ‘weird’ things with my stuff so your real goal is clear and I don’t really know why. I’m not against you but clearly you are against me

Everyone is good at something…

@dejavuer :
So, let’s summarize … you appear here relatively anonymous. From this anonymity you generate accusations that are already quite hard stuff and with which one should not go lightly to the public without being able to prove you. You use here several accounts to make a user proverbial ready. And please spare me the discussion that you don’t do it. I’m not saying that all of them are due to you … but some user accounts are. I am used to criticism from Linux people … even hard and hurtful criticism. But it was always constructive in the end. This is the exact opposite of what you are doing, someone who does everything to stay anonymous wants to tell us what to do to be transparent. Really interesting strategy … So, you decide how we are going to play this now … do you want to stay with the behavior shown or can we talk constructively. You decide how it goes on.


Well, you were banned by us, among other things, because you used the wrong tone several times and not because someone from the community demanded it.
I am very sorry for you that you take it so personally and that an account on this platform was or is so important to you.
I think we will take this as an opportunity to adjust our workflow in such cases.
But I have to tell you: a community doesn’t have it easy with you either. It doesn’t take much for your holy revenge to hit them and sometimes you miss the mark. That’s not right.
We banned you in the past. We stand for that and we would probably do it again.

At the moment we have to deal with spam of all kinds on the platform. I won’t betray any secrets - anyone who opens the eyes can see that.
We are trying to get this under control with various actions. The waiting period that we have introduced for comments and ratings has been activated by us because the comment area on different product profiles (let’s say it like this) looked strange.
This will not remain the only change and I think more will follow.

I’m going to take the team to discuss the pageviews and see if we can do something about it and if so, how we can get it into our plan.
And as for the user eliverlara, whom you keep bashing: I’ll ask a colleague to take a closer look. Maybe we missed something back then.

But you have to promise me that you will accept the result - even if you don’t like it.