Installing other applications


So i saw this and i knew i had to tinker with this as it is basically what i have been looking for. I have nvidia shields in my house but would much rather have this setup as i have RP4 (if you eventually dev for x86 instruction set that would be ideal) and basically these will run as some type of entertainmaent thin client for a lack of better words ( my plex server, Emulator, and steam link/ nvidia streaming from my local server rack upstairs). My issue is when trying to install anything like the steam im getting “steam-installer depends steam” (ill give you the full error when i get home) but i have updated the steam libraries and done a few other trouble shooting steps like adding gnome installer but still getting the same error. also i have tried (all of this through CLI) steam / steam-installer (which completed but isn’t showing anywhere on the UI) / and steam-link as i would mainly use this like a steam link connection to my gaming rig upstairs.

i am going to try plex when i get home today but any and all help is greatly appreciated. and i totally understand I don’t have all the information up as far as the error goes just trying to remember off the top of my head. I will update this as soon as i can, but i just figure i would reach out to see if 1. it is even possible to get steam on here and 2. if it is me (which typically it is) not doing something correct from the cli.