Gtk4? (also how to easily classify compatible desktops and versions)


Small update:
Any set compatibilities are now shown at top of the product description, so people see right away all stats of an of the active available files.

Next is to show this info also in the browse view, so one can already see this from the list.
More complex operations like filtering will be possible later.


Much appreciated. I am really surprised in the effort and intent to make it better and more ‘visible’ . I have been a (very) long time member (alias Paulubuntu) since 2007. So I have seen how this platform has evolved to what it is. Really impressive. For the linux-theming-community this is the only platform that has always been there. I hope you continue to be so. Again: many thanks.


Update on dash-to-dock:

It seems the developer of the dash-to-dock extension does have the intention to make the dock themable. At this point this is still in the early stages. And with gnome 40 the gnome-shell will change substantially. So, there is a lot of uncertainty in the near future.


@opendesktop that means that in future i can add a sort of tag like mate 1.22 or xfce 3.16 and it will be sort of filtered. Also it would be nice to tell users which gtk3 or 4 Versions the theme was designed for with an easy to use tag or somethon in the filter dialog for new files.

Depending on the theme design it really is a problem if you start it in another desktop.

With gtk4 it would really necessary to have a sort of filtering system for gtk versions. If the version don’t match the users should at least see that. If its not possible to implement here it would be bad for us theme creators…


What GTK version numbers would you suggest for a start?


Gtk3.16 or earlier,
Gtk3.20 or Gtk3.22,


I suppose most relatively new themes would be 3.24. But maybe a theme creator has the time to classify the older versions too.

Gtk4 its to early to look for gtk versions.