GTK3.24 -> GTK4.1 Theme migrating hints


Ok. What are implications for non-GTK apps ?
I’m thinking of Thunderbird or Chrome, for example.


I’m guessing that as long as they handle their own titlebars, nothing would change. I know chromium and firefox can draw their own titlebars, so they wouldn’t be affected if I understand correctly.

@blue-dxca93 are you testing changes with a live OS?


That is a very interesting the question.
At the moment firefox and chrome would stay at gtk3.I suppose too and agre with you they should stay the same.

I have installed fedora 34 rawhide nightlies iso in a virtual box. There i can install gtk4-demo and gtk4-devel. My desktop environment is xfce. Caise its small. And i won’t test gnome 40 until its released.