Error 500 When a product is added

I had the same issue(s). it seems to be a problem when adding pictures of your product that causing it. And you can’t add pictures of your product for some reason.

Hi Thalic,
I can not reproduce the issue you mentioned. which product have you tried?


I added 2 products that refuses to upload screenshots. Instead it put in the logo where the screenshots should be.

Icon theme:


well, because your screenshots are not uploaded. I do not have upload issues, can you try again to upload your screenshots?

This time tried with a different browser, but still no cigar.
Clearing browser didn’t help either.

can you upload any other images? any warning ?

I got some progress. I tried a .jpg file instead of .png file and uploading .jpg file works.

yes, jpg works because filesize is less compare to png
max filesize that we can upload is 2 mb (but it shows 5mb ) it can be jpg or png

There are two different upload maximums.

Gallery photos are 5MB and Product Logos are 2MB:


Okay, I think. I/we found the case of why I gott error 500, it was the size of the .png. But shouldn’t it be corrected that max size of image is 2MB? My 2 .png files was around 2.1 mb each