Can 'open Desktop' Sync Photos Like Google Photos?

Hello everyone. I recently got to know that the Google Photos app isn’t offering unlimited photo storage like it used to. But I want to sync my captured photos to a secure cloud storage. Is there any way that ‘Open Desktop’ can sync all my pictures whenever I click a new one? Is it possible? I recently discovered that ‘Open Desktop’ provides cloud storage. Please answer me about this.

It appears this is possible but only through third-party applications on Android. You would need the Nextcloud application on your Android device plus another application to sync your photos unless you move your photos into Nextcloud manually.

Please note our Nextcloud storage is limited to 5GB. We are however looking into options to expand this with a subscription-based service.

It’s really sad to know that we can’t use Google’s Free unlimited Photos storage. By the way, I had actually got to know this thing after reading this article.
So, I need to manually move photos to the designated folder to sync them. Right? There is no way to do this automatically?

I haven’t tested any but there are applications out there that claim to be able to move the photos into the Nextcloud folder automatically to sync them.