Blocked from OCS web server

Hi devs, my original username henry0005 I’m facing some issues with my account. The account is may I know the reason? It’s showing blocked from OCS server for 1 year.

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Even I can’t login.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but with 10 different user accounts that you are most likely controlling, our fraud detection has most likely been activated and taken some accounts offline. I can pass this on to a colleague to check.

Hi henry0005, we delete fraud account without informing. If henry0005 is detected as fraud account, the related accounts if detected would be also deleted.


I understand everything but fraud mean which thing? Using other work? Or 1 person 2 account?
Because I’m doing genuine work not copying others work. And 2 account for different purposes like one account only for theme related another for custom rom os phone os related. So is this issue? Then I will combine everything in one account. And now not using 10 different account.

Plz tell me what fraud I’m doing.? I will correct everything.

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